Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Better things to do

Remember the other day when I wrote about the Supernova Elite player from Stars that had returned time and again to my blog, apparently googling his nick as some form of exercise in building self-esteem? He’s back, only this time he’s brought an ax to grind.

He didn’t leave a comment, so how do I know? Sitemeter tipped me off. I’m getting hits from a link in the 2+2 forums. Lots of them. He didn’t like what I said about his play. And his retort? A quick stab at me being a microstakes player and a snide remark about my logic, but no elucidation. (Oops, I broke a poker rule and used a 5-syllable word.)

This guy has looked at that particular post at least four times, so why take issue with it now, and why snipe on 2+2? What’s next? A heads up challenge for my recreational dollar?

I’m just a simple farmer.

I have the list of herbs from yesterday:

Epazote (Wormseed)
Thyme, Creeping and English Broadleaf

All were open-seeded in trays. Again, tiny, tiny seeds, except for the Borage. Actually, I planted the Borage in 6-packs. It cracks me up that they want Borage. We planted some a few years ago and it had reseeded so much it is now just another weed.

Today is going to be an early day, as we have to go to the Art about Agriculture opening tonight, in which I have this photo:

I managed to transplant some French Sorrel and Salad Burnett from the field, and that was about it. Both are wonderful additions to salads, particularly the Salad Burnett with it’s delicate leaves that taste a lot like cucumber. The transplanting is a different story. Both plants have a central root system and the plant expands off of that root in clumps, with very few feeder roots to build off of as transplants. We’ll keep them very wet and hope for the best. It worked for the Tarragon…

OK, I have to take a shower now and show these art lovers how I clean up real good.


Memphis MOJO said...

I remember that photo and I like it. Let us know if it is picked for an award or anything.

bastinptc said...

No award. Nice reception. Some nice work on the walls.