Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The tree on the left is an Italian Prune. A lot of people out here have these trees. The fruit is about 2-inches long and oblong with purple skin and a orange-yellow flesh. I suppose they call this a prune because folks make prunes with them. We never wait that long to eat them, and any leftovers get frozen. The tree on the right is a Bartlett Pear. Judging from the blossoms, we're might have a substantial crop this year. The tree hangs a bit over the fence to its right, and our neighbor's llamas help themselves to the lower fruit. The picture doesn't show them, yet there are two smaller Bartletts behind these two trees, and away from the fence. We have another area with apple trees and more pear trees. When the apples blossom I'll take a picture. Should be any day.

A peak inside the greenhouse. This table has (back-to-front) Flat Italian Leaf Parsley, French Tarragon, Salad Burnett and French Sorrel. All are ready for the buyer.

These shelves are on the opposite side of the greenhouse. The plants on the left are various mustards and kales, except on the top shelves in back, which are beets.

Straight down the middle. Garlic chives are in the foreground, and the bigger plants on the right middle shelf are Greek Oregano. The table directly in front has Calendula, Echinacea, Basil and Savory (Winter and Summer) on it. You can also see the little space heater we used to keep the plants cozy at night. That little thing kept 550 sq. ft. tolerable.

I don't have the placement of each type of veggie and herb memorized, and the plants are small yet, so I don't suppose it matters to my viewers what is what. Suffice it to say that most everything that I've written about in the past has sprouted. In fact, many of the tomatoes can be transplanted into gallon cans in the next few days. I need to build the temporary hoophouse between now and then.

We make our first delivery Thursday.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice shots! I've heard you mention a hoop house before, what is it?

Memphis MOJO said...

I forgot that today is Earth Day, so that makes these photos even more relevant, ya?

bastinptc said...

Hoop house come in various sizes. They are basically greenhouses that are long tunnels. Mine will be small, constructed with 10-foot lengths of 1/2" PVC that I will cover with clear plastic. When it is up and functional,I'll take a pic.

Here's a link to a how-to site: http://westsidegardener.com/howto/hoophouse.html

bastinptc said...

Earth Day - There's a bumper sticker that I see quite a bit. It states "Every day is Earth Day for farmers and ranchers." To a degree...just like everyday is Christmas.