Saturday, April 4, 2009

More (and a little extra)

The outside temperature is 58°F (only 3° cooler than my dungeon), the sun is shining, and the greenhouse is holding steady at 78°F. There is evidence of growth in one of the Jimmy Nardelo pepper cells, yet it is too early to tell if it is a pepper plant or some errant grass seed. The weather forecast is for an even nicer day tomorrow, so I adjusted my schedule a bit and worked on getting more seeds into soil instead of digging up plants for transplanting. I’ll do the latter tomorrow, along with weeding our garlic.

It became very clear to me today that I am going to need more soil sooner than I thought. I have used all of the 6-pack trays I filled when I first began this project, and I am down to a half-bag of soil, this after filling 32 additional 6-pack trays, and filling other assorted trays and pots today. I have also run out of 6-packs and trays, yet I have a bunch of 4-packs leftover from previous years, so I’ll use them next and just buy some more trays. I want to keep our costs as low as I can, and if we’re lucky, when all is said and done, we just might make some money.

Today’s plantings:

Comfrey - 18, 4-inch pots
Chamomile - 1 open-seeded tray of 500 incredibly tiny seeds
Lemon Balm - 1 open-seeded tray of 100 seeds
Lovage - 1 open-seeded tray of 100 seeds
Chervil - 1 open-seeded tray of 100 seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beets – 4 trays of 6-packs (72 cells) and 1 open-seeded tray for home
De Cicco Broccoli – 4 trays of 6-packs
Red Express Cabbage – 3 trays of 6-packs
Franklin Hybrid Brussels Sprouts – 2 trays of 6-packs

It has occurred to me that some readers may not be familiar with some of the plants I mention, particularly herbs. I have been anticipating questions, yet to my relief, none have come. For one thing, I don’t know much about herbs. That is the DW’s realm. I just look at the list, figure the best way to plant them, and care for them, and that’s about it. However, I have found that Wikipedia does provide a bit of information about each plant if one is inclined to look. I know a little bit more about the veggies, yet again, mostly about propagation, care and harvesting. Nuts and bolts, about which I am happy to share my experiences.

I mention the above only because I believe the time we find ourselves in will encourage people to try growing vegetables in order to cut costs. If anyone needs advice on how to proceed, again, I’d be happy to help answer any questions I can.


I listened to a blues program on KBOO FM while working.
Our one rhubarb plant is showing growth.
One of our ducks has a bum leg.
The Violet-Green Swallows were feasting on a bug hatch.
Our OCD neighbors burned yard debris today and the smoke blew right toward our house. I wish I could return the favor, yet the prevailing winds won’t cooperate.

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