Friday, October 8, 2010

And it's for sale.

I figured that I could keep the loogies at bay long enough today to get my haircut.
The above is owned by the elderly gentleman who was just finishing up.

"Nice little rig you've got out there."

Jim the barber: "It's for sale. Ten grand plus my ten percent finders fee."

The old guy didn't have his hearing aid in yet heard well enough. "Heck, I've got fifteen in it. May seem like a lot, but that's what I've spent. Done all the work myself."

"Well, if I had that kind of discretionary cash sitting around, I might be tempted." But I don't. Nowhere near.

"Patrick, you're next! How do you want it?"

The older gent had a flat top. I hadn't had a flat top since I cut my long locks last September.

"Give me a flat top!" I said, "I always thought I'd like to have an MGA; you know, the little square back."

Jim asked, "Are you sure? I don't want your wife comin' after me."

"My son owned one of them. We restored it too. Thing about them is the wiring doesn't go to a ground."

"Yeah, she won't do anything but laugh. It's OK."

So Jim set to work, taking the hair close to the scalp in back and the restorer began to go into great detail about an MG's wiring, all of which I had to feign under the noise of the clippers.

"Well, I better get goin'."


Memphis MOJO said...

No photos of the flat top???? That's surely worth a look.

bastinptc said...

It's the same as my profile pic from last year. Just a little more gray.