Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our dog has a thing for the garage. Or rather the car. When our garage door opens I can assume by her excitement that she expects to go for a ride. She makes a beeline, and if the car doesn’t move, she’ll lay down behind it, perhaps to insure that it doesn’t move without her inside. Cute, eh?

Since the dog is given to this behavior, DW has made sure she is comfortable if she is to be disappointed by putting a pad and plastic sheet out in the garage. Place the plastic down on the concrete, put the pad on top, and call the dog over to lie down.

And this is how we grill of an evening: me in my chair with a beer, and the dog on her pad with a car. I’ll get up to check the food or go get another beer, and she will not move a muscle. She therefore makes for a good model.
The Set

The Pose

We shot these tonight. We had a similar session the other night when I took the picture of the rig and such (BTW, it’s name is Gert. Has been for some time now and I’ve just not bothered mentioning it here. And the dog’s name is Annie. I may be repeating myself on that one.), but I didn’t have my eyes on right to see the shot. Tonight it was still waiting there.

And there may have been others. Something, anyway.

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