Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clarity is not my strong suit. (Stating the obvious, although I do it well, is not either.) It was only after imagining that I would still be writing this blog some five years from now, and wondering if I would still have comments from the same faithful readers, that I realized the unintended ambiguity. While I did go fishing today, it was with my buddy, Steve; and we went to our favorite river, not to a farm pond. I’m afraid my grandson will have to wait a few more years before gramps gives him his first cane pole. He still has trouble holding a bottle.

I already have the pole. Actually, the pole is his father’s. My brother, a master rod builder, made it for him, many years ago. So long ago, I wonder if he remembers it.

And yes, I’ll remember to take pictures.

As for today’s adventure, I forgot my camera, but I had my phone. As soon as I figure out how to get the photos from my phone to my computer, I’ll tell the tale, because, as we all know, without pictures, it didn’t happen, especially when it comes to fishing.


TenMile said...

What kind of bass and how big?

bastinptc said...

I'm laughing at myself. I was going to send the picture to a friend with an iPhone. He was then going to email it to me so I could use it. I thought I had figured out how to do that but the phone had other ideas. The phone, by the way, is waterproof, just in case. It must be fool proof also, in a way unflattering to this user.

No bass, sir. I big honkin' fall Chinook, fresh from the ocean, chrome, and illegal to keep on the part of the river we fish. How big? I'd say about 20 lbs, maybe more. I'm not good at guessing weights either. It was a half hour of play before I could use the net.