Saturday, October 16, 2010


I went out with my new camera. A greater amount of the learning curve still lies ahead, but two things are evident: I can't use manual focus for shit; and once I learn how to focus for shit, the resolution and image size is so much better than my point-and-shoot, I may very well have to go out next year and reshoot my field burn series.


TenMile said...

You must be very careful during practice. Very careful.

Practice leads to the ability to perform with ones eyes shut.

And then, I ask, Then what?

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bastinptc said...

DW essentially says the same thing, encouraging in her own way. It is a journey even when one leg is shorter than the other.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice shot.

I use this same camera (or something close to it) at work, but just for head shots (of bridge winners), so keep it on portrait or automatic. It's a great camera and you're going to enjoy it.

Wolynski said...

Which camera did you get?