Thursday, October 14, 2010

The fish

See the rope? I came close, so close to keeping this fish. Yeah, it's illegal to keep a salmon on the stretch we were on, and I owed this water a fish. Based on the amount of shoe showing, I'm putting this one at 22 inches. Not huge. Probably upstream a year too early.


Crash said...

Hope it lives. Looks like it would be delicious, if one liked fish. Is this your new camera yet?

bastinptc said...

It taunted us for the rest of the day, so yes, it lived. The photo was from my cell phone.

TenMile said...


By God. A fish - and you let it go. Well, there's always those law abiding types.

To injury, insult. Le' me tell you about the King Salmon I've caught . .

Well done on the release, bastin. And even though you had little to do with it, good looking grandkid.