Saturday, October 23, 2010

Portland has a motto that is both used with pride and seen as a bane, depending on which side of the concrete and glass one falls on: Keep Portland Weird. And today it didn't disappoint in maintaining that standard.

I was in the check out lane at a Whole Foods downtown when a couple young female zombies got in line behind me. They were buying a vegan, tofu pizza and a couple brews. I couldn't resist.

"I thought zombies liked to eat flesh."

Without missing a beat, the one closest said, "I suppose I could eat human flesh before any other animal's."


How do I know they were zombies? Because, similar to last year's sleeper of a hilarious movie, "Zombieland," the streets of downtown Portland were full of them. Today was the 6th Annual Portland Zombie Walk.

And I had a camera. A lot of them are blurred, but somehow it just doesn't matter.


TenMile said...

Real Clear Politics has OR going Democratic for the Senate and House.

And un-decided which for governor.

I hadn't known one could photograph political ideaology reasoning so clearly.

Crash said...

What a bunch of dopes. Give me your money you earned with blood, sweat and tears.
TenMile, ok.
Watch France, England, and Spain. Sorry, bastin, had to take a shot.

bastinptc said...

Must be election season. For some, every day is Halloween.

KenP said...

Great choice of title.

Great demonstration of herd mentality.

lightning36 said...

I need to think about this one for a bit ...

Anonymous said...

Let's keep it weird man.

but zombies are the new normal.


Anonymous said...

Let's keep it weird man.

but zombies are the new normal.