Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last week folks were burning brush and mowing with a fury. The last of the grass seed fields were set ablaze (a month late) even if the chaff had not thoroughly dried from intermittent showers and a heavy dew. Bigger rains were coming.

And they came. And yesterday, a large truck came toward me full with ears of sweet corn. It means little to most, but I uttered, “My Lord!”

I’ve been doing a little anticipating as well, and the time has come. The squash have become Big Beuys and are ready to pick.


TenMile said...

Being as I am; I became curious as to what your gourds had become (jokes of certain kinds excluded, of those I was interested).

So Google "What are Big Bouys" I did and it (Google) told to press one of the following.

I did.

It took me to

Which I felt was amazing coming from a pasture and being watered to maturity.

TenMile said...

"Of those I was NOT interested"

bastinptc said...

Sustenance comes in many forms. But you knew that.