Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It's another rainy day, which is a good excuse to follow F-Train on the PokerNews site while he covers the WSOP ME final table. I'm also listening to the Bluff live broadcast. I'm doing this because in all likihood I won't watch the ESPN broadcast Tuesday. Just not much for TV poker, and to be honest, following along as I write this is a bit tedious. So, I have to find other things to keep myself occupied.

There is a juried exhibition coming up next year at a local gallery. The show is called "Dogs and Cats," and judging from the sample art on the gallery's site, they're looking for work that is all warm and fuzzy. as it so happens, I have some drawings of dogs. I will most likely submit these for consideration.

Love is Love. A gift to DW nine years ago.

Pet Project

Bunny Head

Wet Fish

The photos aren't that great. The light in my studio sucks and I will have to figure something out before I submit the work. But I thought I'd at least share them with you.

And now I have to find something else to do.


Crash said...

I'm sure DW cherishes her gift. Some droopage there.

Bad lighting in an art studio. Not good! Those hardware store clamp-on worklights with the big 10 inch aluminum reflectors are inexpensive and flexible. Maybe you could get a couple of them and experiment with different bulbs. Or maybe you could take the drawings outside for a few minutes and do it there.

bastinptc said...

I have good lights for photo work. Just have to find the motivation.