Sunday, March 28, 2010

PA Pictures

All but Pokergirl have returned home from the 2010 Poker Academy Meet Up. I arrived home at 2:30 this morning and it may take another day to fully recover from the LV lag to the point where I can write a coherent paragraph. In the meantime, I have a few more photos from the trip specific to PA.
The view outside my hotel window.
Tuesday night dinner. Left, front to back: UT, Mad Mosby, Cactus 52, Cat Balou, YdidiIcall, Pokergirl, Poker Grump (Pokergirl's BF), me. Right, front to back: Sandman, Gustifer, Opinh Bombay,  Mike (My friend), Crash, KevinB68, eptigs.
Wednesday's PA Tourney
Cat's version of Raymer's glasses.
Final three. Sin City (standing) was the bubble.
Poker Chip Opinh Bombay had made for the group.
Card protector Gustifer made for the group.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice photos in that it gives a feel for the gathering.

Crash said...

Ha! You have saved me some work. I was going to do photos of the 2 card protectors you showed. Now I don't have to.

Forrest Gump said...

Hey, are all those glasses charged with....Pepsi???