Sunday, March 28, 2010

Road trip

Before heading out to Vegas, Crash and Wolynski organized an excursion to Hoover Dam and the desert for some fun with our cameras. Uncle Trick from PA came with us, and we burned up the megapixels. I am still going through the photos, not quite in a fine tooth comb mode, but I have managed to pull the ones that stood out. Wolynski already has a few up on her Vegas Images site. I'll get UT's flickr account and link it and Crash when they have photos to share.

Our first stop was in Boulder City. The U.S. Government has a building with a nice view of Lake Mead and some of the city itself. I took a mix of photos.
Next stop was a little park that was a parking area for walking trails that led up to the dam.
Then the dam, where, it seems, I took more photos of everything else but the dam. It made sense to me. Still, the dam made the short list.
We drove for a bit until we found a place in the desert that looked like it had some potential because of some Joshua Trees.
Our final stop was in Searchlight, Nevada. There was casino there with slots that paid out in nickels and quarters. This photo pretty much says it all.


Memphis MOJO said...

Looks like you had a good time. Thx for sharing the photos.

Wolynski said...

You were a lot of fun and very sweet (bloated feet stories notwithstanding)- glad to have met you and good luck with everything.

Great photos, especially the one with unbloated legs.

lightning36 said...

Yeah -- Searchlight! My wife and some relatives lived in the Kingman/Bullhead AZ area so we've been through there before. Looks like you just missed the Sarah Palin visit to Searchlight?

bastinptc said...

36 - Yeah. Darn.