Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slow night

R isn’t getting the numbers at his games that he used to, which in the past two games has meant that they opt to skip playing a tournament and play cash. I thought about not going this week, so close on the heels of Vegas this coming Monday, but I told myself I could use the practice. To make a long story short, my best starting hand was a pair of twos in the SB and my only win was with Q7 (two pair on the flop) in the SB. I couldn’t hit the straight and/or flush draw to save my life against the super LAG to my left, yet he stacked off nicely to others who did. If I was in a hand, it did not escape comment.

“You have to change up your game.” was Mike’s suggestion. Little does he realize that I’m not just playing top pairs. Others seem to think as Mike, that if I don’t have JJ or better, I’m not playing. The thing is, I have shown down much more variety, and they still see me as a rock. I should be ecstatic, right? I would be if I could hit a flop. And believe me, you have to hit a flop in this game. A 6xBB open means nothing and only small pots get stolen. It might as well be PLO instead of NLHE as 3-bets and check-raises mean almost nothing to a baby flush draw. These guys are here to gamble.

Down 14BB after 3 hours, I pretty much had it. It’s a repeat performance of the last game at R’s. I figure I have two choices: catch a big pair and stack off to 36off, or go home. I chose the latter.

So, why aren’t I doing better? I want to write it off to just not getting cards. I suspect it’s something else.


Forrest Gump said...

Two quick comments B. Do you enjoy playing in this game win or lose? And have you ever show or been caught in a bluff against them? Not a semi-bluff but some audacious crazy stuff when everyone has a laugh afterward.


bastinptc said...

Quick but deceptively difficult questions, Gump. I do enjoy playing with this group, as hilarity always ensues. Second question: I missed an opportunity with the draw as LAG missed too (Q high). Not quite up to Level 3 or whatever, regardless of reads on regulars. Traps and big draws I think of as bloody, which are more to my actual mindset, despite the amount of laughter a the table. Besides, it's hard to pull off the bluff you suggest when there are always 4 players in a hand.

joxum said...

Hey, have fun in Vegas!