Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dennis Oppenheim's connection to the world around him

Dennins Oppenheim passed away on the 22nd of this month. Not a lot of fanfare, but remembered by some as one of the most important artists of the last sixty years. I had the pleasure of attending a lecture of his in the mid 80s, and a few months ago found myself thinking about the talk as I looked back on my own archives. If one is inclined to think I write convolutions, you should have been in that auditorium. he was both frustrating and enlightening, as it should be. I went in search of Dennis on the web, found an interview, and as I listened, I found myself watching more than listening. I made this video of his hands.


Anonymous said...

weell thanks to "read em and weep" I know that's a comfort seeking action. The organism responding to the stresses my softening the bladder's walls.


bastinptc said...

My thoughts exactly. Pretty sad little video.