Monday, January 31, 2011

Today got off to a bad start. It shouldn’t have, but it did, and at a very early hour.

Knowing a last-minute, 0700 appointment would come soon enough, I dutifully, I took two Exedrin PM at 2100, set my alarm for 0530, and was asleep by 2230. I woke the first time at 0130, not out of anticipation but urgency. It happened again at 0430, and while I entertained the notion of staying awake, crawled back into bed for that extra hour of shut-eye, which turned into two.

The math will indicate that I overslept; however the events surrounding how the alarm was turned off escapes me. I registered my surprise and frustration, which in turn woke DW, who (after repeating myself) assured me that she had nothing to do with it. I hadn’t thought she had, and even though my mood had nothing to do with her, as I rebuffed her offer to help me pack the truck and make coffee, plus remind me to call to say I was running late, I’m certain sour puss did have an effect. I suppose it is to my credit that I recognized this, and lest a chill persist throughout the day, calmed down enough before exiting to remember to bring along my fingerless gloves and kindle a desire for a good-bye kiss.

It would take me a half hour to reach my destination, if I didn’t need gas. With my gas tank low, no coffee or breakfast, I would be pushing my luck. It is a good thing the Shell station had everything I needed.

—Have a good day,

—Let’s hope the rest of it is better than how it has started.

And then I once again rethunk:

—What am I complaining about? I’m going fishing.

The photos were taken by my fishing buddy, Steve.

One of today's haunts. 

Not so much OK as skunked.

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