Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust

I removed the tourniquet rather late last night, sans beverage, and came away realizing it is more the number of hands and not the fingers I pour. An insane number, up one buy-in to show for it. Buzzing like a paper wasp on the surface of soapy water. I poured one and watched some “King of the Hill.”

A diesel pick-up stops in front of the house and I kill the lights to watch. He is a Good Samaritan. A deer is dead in the road. Pulled to the south ditch makes it my responsibility. I drain my glass and hit the sack.

DW wakes me with old news. Yes, I know and I relate what I saw. What to do?

The compost pile where the last fender-bender rests is not as big as I would like to house two, so I call the County. The woman is nice but cannot assure me of promptness, even after topping it with sugar. I thank her for her kindness and ask her to direct me to the department that can put up road signs warning folks that a fair number of deer seem to pass through our property. She connects me.

Again, friendly, yet it seems they have a quota that must be met, and it must be more than two deer a year. Plus, they must all be reported. The signs themselves seem to pose some threat as well.

I did not go out to inspect the deer. DW was worried that it might be the mother to the twins we have had visit a number of times this week. There are characteristics a nursing doe has, you know.

Today was a hot one. I took a break during the heat of the day and tripled up in short order. I then did a bit of weeding, watering and unrelated hose repair. Birds were tucked in just as the sun was setting, and I moved indoors to make a light dinner. DW came to inform me that the deer was still there and she had shooed a couple buzzards.

Dinner would be late.

She is good-sized but will fit in the bucket. The swelling may have made the teats erect. One is always downwind when moving such things. I have a good idea where the other is placed as the dog takes a special interest in one area. Now it will be a matter of whether or not I have enough compost.

By the way, tuna fish sandwiches and some very fancy Bloody Marys.

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