Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll take the high road

And you take the low road
And I've got no idea
Where I'm gooooooin'.

UTG+1 is a Lagtard. Certifiable. I've seen his papers.
I'm looking good on the flop. 52% to take the high. Fek the low, it's 3-way.
Oooo, 2 pair and the nut flush draw on the turn. And 25% to win...
And, ladies and gentlemen, the guy pushing the whole way with 13% to take the low and/or scoop...
The crowd goes crazy!

For those of you who like to dissect (Spoiler alert: Crying call.), I offer you the bread crumbs along the path to 20/20land:

PokerStars Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, $0.02 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

MP3 ($2.24)
CO ($4.74)
Hero (Button) ($2.84)
SB ($5)
BB ($0.80)
UTG ($1.43)
UTG+1 ($2.91)
MP1 ($2.72)
MP2 ($2.09)

Preflop: Hero is Button with 6, A, Q, 8

UTG calls $0.02, UTG+1 bets $0.04, MP1 calls $0.04, MP2 calls $0.04, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.04, 1 fold, BB calls $0.02, UTG calls $0.02

Flop: ($0.25) 10, A, 2 (6 players)

BB checks, UTG checks, UTG+1 bets $0.25, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.25, 1 fold, UTG calls $0.25

Turn: ($1) Q (3 players)

UTG checks, UTG+1 bets $0.95, Hero calls $0.95, UTG calls $0.95

River: ($3.85) 4 (3 players)

UTG checks, UTG+1 bets $1.67 (All-In), Hero calls $1.60 (All-In), UTG calls $0.19 (All-In)

Total pot: $7.24 | Rake: $0.35


Hero mucked 6, A, Q, 8 (Hi: two pair, Aces and Queens, Lo: [ 8, 6, 4, 2, A ]).

UTG mucked Q, J, Q, A (Hi: three of a kind, Queens).

UTG+1 had 5, J, 3, 4 (Hi: straight, five high, Lo: [ 5, 4, 3, 2, A ]).

Outcome: UTG+1 won $6.89


KenP said...

Preflop, I'd have to say you were all looking for the Chinese curse. Pretty typical play for the buyin.

What little I know about O8 is that it is all about coordinated hands that can scoop. Compromising that leads to disappointment.

Yes, I too like action and playing prospecting hands in big multi-way pots. That just isn't the real key to success in the 8's or better world. Regular success there comes to the grinders who minimizes his variance and avoids hands that create that.

But, it is a fun way to play if you accept what comes along. They aren't bad beats; they are simple draw outs which was everybody's goal with those cards.

An easy read that explains the various Omaha strategies much better than I am doing is the Cloutier and McEvoy one. They call hands like all three shown to have danglers. They look attractive but aren't. They are pure gambling hands. You have to be very selective in playing them and fold them if they miss even slightly.

If you play any HORSE, you can see it in technicolor. I'd call the 8's stuff my weakest games but often most profitable.

bastinptc said...

Thanks for your input, Ken. Yes, I know it was a crap hand. So many things wrong with it. I suppose what I find so amazing about Omaha in general is the number of ways a hand can go wrong, especially with a snort or two under the belt. These hands typically happen about the time I'm telling myself I need to go to bed and it's been 200 hands of break-even poker.

Speaking of HORSE, I've been playing the 8 Game where I have an edge, believe it or not, in all but the draw games. But even the draw game are providing some benefit for I will soon have enough bricks for the foundation for a new house.