Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guns and butter

The .22 is resting at-the-ready behind the back door. 2 clips.

A neighbor called last night to say that a raccoon had come through his yard, during the day, and it was acting weird enough that he thought it prudent to unload his pistol in its direction. He was calling to say that it disappeared into the tall grass of our pasture. That was the message on the machine.

I was on my cell with my Dear Mother at the time so I neglected to answer the land line, and soon forgot that someone had called. By the time DW saw the blinking light, a couple hours had passed. A quick walk around the front part of the property turned up nothing and it was agreed that I would take a ride through the back acreage on the tractor in the morning.

Coffee in the cup holder and rifle across my legs, off I went. First to the neighbor’s to perhaps find its point of entry. Upon further investigation, I learned that at one point the animal turned toward its would-be assailant. I took this as a good sign for it is only humans that turn toward a loud noise before deciding to flee. When animals do it, it is usually to defend, meaning that in all likelihood the neighbor hit his mark at least once.

My search turned up nothing except more scotch broom, tansy and thistles.


Seat 4: gery48 (big blind) showed [As Ad 2c Js] and won ($25.65) with three of a
Seat 9: tigerromano showed [7h Qd 9s 9d] and lost with three of a kind, Nines

tigerromano said, "wow how dirty is that"
tigerromano said, "the only way that i would go broke and pstars sets it up"
tigerromano said, "this site is so sick it really is, i dont care what people say about this site being legit its totally bs"

As Mike Sextan has said, gery’s name should be “butter” because he was on a roll. Yet, the above hand is not representative of what he was showing down. New to the PLO tables, I had seen him lose several buy-ins the last couple days.

asaram: shows [9d 4s 2h Kc] (a full house, Fours full of Nines)
bastinptc: shows [Ad 6d 9s Ac] (a full house, Aces full of Fours)
bastinptc collected $4.25 from pot

asaram said, "wow...thanks for not re raising....."
bastinptc said, "not here to clean people out"
bastinptc said, "here to have fun"

I lied.

bastinptc said, "except gery"
bastinptc said, "I'd love to clean his calling station butt"

And waited.

asaram said, "got him back huh?"
bastinptc said, "with interest"


joxum said...

Can't wait to see an image of that little sucker. Dead. The racoon, I mean.

Are you going to make a hat out of it?


Memphis MOJO said...

You could probably collect enough funny/interesting things said at the table to write a book.

In fact, that's probably not a bad idea!

bastinptc said...

Yakshi is the king of table banter.

I wish he was writing again.