Monday, July 13, 2009

“It sounds like someone hit something. I’m going to go have a look.” DW said from her office at the front of the house. You know, those damn deer.

She was gone for a while. It was the yearling buck, or so she was informed by the guy in the big blue truck who lost his passenger side mirror and window. It evidently ran back onto our property. Then she left again to see if she could find it. Nope.

While DW knows that I don’t much care for deer, let alone having to dispose of the carcasses, she is more empathetic than I. While I will admit the twin fawns are cute, she is out to protect them, their relatives and future suitors. And in that the County seems to care less than I, she ordered some “Deer Crossing” signs off of the internet.

It was my job yesterday to find places to post these signs. They are not regulation size and are made of plastic, and since they were not the type of sign prescribed by some minor law, I felt comfortable committing what may be small misdemeanors, and secured one to a telephone pole and another to the other side of a road sign suggesting a speed limit for an upcoming curve.

“I think people are slowing down,” said DW right after installation. Ever hopeful.

“Only because they have not noticed the signs before and are curious.”

The blue truck guy was no further than 50 feet past the telephone poled warning. The deer came out from nowhere. It was his first.

I will watch for buzzards.

I had planned to go fishing today. My buddy, Steve, sent a text yesterday stating that duty called and he would have to forgo but that he had gone back to the river, seen two fish (no luck) and had recovered his knife.

I suppose I could have gone by myself, yet DW has some concerns. It is remote, I have no GPS and I am still being monitored for the pitter put-puts. We do, however, have a decent river very close to home where I caught my first steelie ever. I have prepped the bait and believe that I will go there for a few hours this evening.

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