Friday, July 10, 2009

What's for dinner

We've been eating from the garden for a couple weeks now. First it was lettuce, then a few green beans. DW has been picking kale daily for the past week to put in a shake she makes for lunch every day (I'll pass, thank-you.), and we already have more zucchini than we can eat. In fact, our first over-sized zuc went to the deer today. We have a doe with two fawns and a yearling buck that wander through every day.

Tonight we will eat the few All Blue spuds I dug up today. The biggest one in the photo is about three inches long. I'll be cooking them on the grill with a little olive oil, some red onion and Mexican Roja garlic in foil.

A couple steaks will accompany the potatoes, as well as a couple kabobs of zucchini, shallots and miniature sweet peppers. And I know there are a few Sungold cherry tomotoes on the tomato starts we didn't sell to our client.

We haven't had a lot of luck growing beets in the past. Couldn't really tell you why... maybe because I have always direct-seeded instead of using starts. I had a surplus of beet starts this year, so they went into the garden, even though I didn't hold out much hope for anything but greens to put in our salads. Well, much to my pleasant surprise, we have a nice crop of good-sized roots. We will share these with another couple up the road who have an orchard. Peaches must be about ready.


Crash said...

1. I have drunk much kale, boiled and blended in my Vita-Mix.
2. Beet is chard with a big root. Spinach is chard with big foliage, more or less. All are members of the Goosefoot family. Exciting stuff, eh?

TenMile said...

Good stuff. Good Eating.

TenMile said...

Saturday, July 11.

School teacher, Florida. Did a thing with a turkey. Sounded good.

Memphis MOJO said...

What do the All Blue spuds taste like? (you may have said before, but I don't remember).

Crash said...

Diced beets, chopped dried apricots, bleu cheese crumbles. mmmmm.

bastinptc said...

Ten - I have a barrel type grill, so I'll give the turkey a try.

MM - The All Blues may be our favorite multi-purpose spud. They boil, fry and bake well and are somewhat starchy, but not as much as a russet. When baked (no foil), the skins have a nutty flavor.

Crash - Sounds like a winner. Good thing you're not a vegan.