Thursday, July 16, 2009


Marionberries are a local favorite. Simply explained, they are a cross between blackberries and boysenberries. They taste like most berries in the family of blackberries, yet, how shall I put this, have more flavor.

We planted two vines when we first moved here, and as such plants are wont to do, we had several more the following year in an area too small for the bushes. I moved six of the plants two years ago, and after struggling for a season, they are now producing amazing fruit. The bowl holds a gallon or more, and this is just half of what I could have picked. Tomorrow I will pick the rest and give them to neighbors whom we actually like.

You punsters can have fun with the name if you like.


Crash said...

I don't know you well enough to know if you like Costco. I am an addict to the low prices and good product. They sell a big frozen bag of mixed blue, rasp, and marionberries for almost nothing. Great taste and very good for you. Ask your DW. Of course the taste cannot match the ones you grow, and they are not organic.

Can you count the number of edible plants you grow on your acreage? Would be fun.

Memphis MOJO said...

They look great. When I was a kid, we picked blackberries every summer, and every summer I caught poison ivy! You'd think I would have learned.

bastinptc said...

Crash - Yes, we shop in bulk at Costco, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. If we only ate organic, well, I'd be a lot skinnier or poorer, one of the two.

If and when I count those plants, do I count the wild plants as well. For instance, purslane and amaranth are both in abundance.

MM - we use to make berry cans out of coffee cans and bailing wire. We'd come home with gallons. Grandma made preserves and cobblers. My mom's blackberry cobbler is still a hit with an extended family. I have some stories about poison ivy. I would get some if in direct contact. My brother just had to be downwind. He was more of an outdoorsman than I, so he suffered badly at times.

BTW, are either of you inundated with Japanese Beetles? My mom's plants are getting skeletonized three years running.

Memphis MOJO said...

Mom used to make blackberry jam and cobbler. They were great except for the seeds.

No Japanese beetles near where I live (knock on wood).

Crash said...

No japanese beetles here. Had to look up a picture of them. We have a few of something our neighbors call a Japanese beetle that look like a big ladybug, with dots. They don't seem to hurt anything.

I would say count the wild plants too if they are normally eaten by humans, such as the two you mentioned. Purslane is a super-healthy food.

Crash said...

Well, if you insist: Marion Berry, a failed polititian, is the illegitimate son of Marion Morrison and Halle Berry's grandmother. QUICK!!! Who was Marion Morrison? No googling allowed.