Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cool it

I had to go into Salem today. No biggie, except my little rig doesn't have AC and, even though the temperature to day is only 96 degrees, I was roasting when I wasn't rolling. And when I wasn't rolling, I took a couple photographs.

Ray Bradbury wrote a short story, the title which now escapes me, of how a certain temperature, quite possibly in the mid nineties, flips a switch in people. makes them more than cranky. Does things to their brains.


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TenMile said...

Gee, Bastin, spam comments. You've arrived.

Too hot out your way. Odd how the mind works. I was out yesterday trying to track down a couple of Geo Cache locations I'd been to previously.

One was the grave of a cowboy that died in a blizzard back in the 1800's. I was going to post the memorial pictures.

I forgot the camera.

Maybe that is a good thing.

Memphis MOJO said...

The guy who wrote the stuff on the RV -- his vote counts the same as mine. Scary, isn't it?

@TenMile: Forgot your camera? Repent now!

KenP said...

We've hijacked your weather and are holding it for ransom.

Chicago area had rain galore and July is the coolest on record.

bastinptc said...

Summer of '94 in Chicago. July 6th, I believe. Insanely hot, night not much better. Add humidity. A single window fan. Ahh, those were the days. I lived on the 3rd floor in a neighborhood where one open fire hydrant was not enough. I had no water pressure and a plane to catch so I went to the neighborhood FD station and begged them to come over to close the hydrants. Begged.

Oregon doesn't have the humidity with the heat, and nights cool off into the 60s. I'm not complaining too much.

As for the RV, it was parked outside of a Border's Bookstore. Maybe the guy thought a literate audience his best bet for followers. I played a little game in the store: who is the nutcase? I found him, I'm almost certain of it. I just had to look for a younger version of a relative of mine.