Friday, October 16, 2009

DW stands up

Yes, she does.

My cell phone rang. It was the doorbell ringtone, so I knew it was DW.

"Can you come and get me? I've been arrested."

The tone of her voice let me know she was kidding. Having left the protest at the Blue Cross building, she was now standing across the street watching events transpire. She had tried to go into the building to use the restroom, and they wouldn't let her in. It might have been her ballcap that read " I *heart* Universal Health Care."

"I'm a card-carrying member of Regence Blue Cross and I can't use their bathroom? What's this world coming to?"

School buses had arrived, which to her (and she was correct) meant that arrests were about to be made. Then the police on horseback arrived.

"The horses are so pretty. I wish I had some carrots to give them. Next time I go to a protest, I'm bringing carrots."


Memphis MOJO said...

I like the DW quote, so I put it on the sidebar of my blog.

bastinptc said...
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bastinptc said...

I let her know she made an impact. She had a good laugh when she saw your blog.

One other snippet from her routine: The protest was so poorly organized that the cops were correct to make arrests.

Memphis MOJO said...

Most people have a good laugh when they see my blog, ha.

joxum said...

A remote family member once remarked how the a-hole seemed to sit particularly high on a certain horse that was passing by. The policeman mounted on top wasn't amused at all.