Friday, October 23, 2009

Not much, you?

30-yard dumpster arrived this morning. That’s about 10 yards per year. I have four days to fill it without incurring extra fees.

We have company coming tomorrow. Fees will incur.

Another Stars software update. I should be able to cover the additional charges with winnings from the 8 Game.


Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you're doing well in the O8 game!!

Crash said...

1. What goes in the dumpster? Must be worn-out farm junk?
2. You should be well-equipped to rake it in playing the 8-game.
3. My trip slowed me down, but am at 13 consecutive winning sessions at nlhe, increasing 20-30% from the buy-in each time. Some may call this bragging, but I am sure you would agree it is braying.

Forrest Gump said...

13 winning you play uber ultra tight Crash or just riding the boomswitch?

Crash said...

FG-One of bastin's links is to "Just Sayin'," which links to my blog, "Crash, of Course." See the post called "OK, Poker." I was at 9 then. My thoughts haven't changed much. Many short-stacked all-in guys there. But I have watched you play at PAO, and you aren't going to learn much from me. I better claim the boomswitch now.

TenMile said...

30 yards is a great deal to shovel, either at or away from the table.

bastinptc said...

MM - the 8-Game is different, although O8 is one component.

Dumpster - So much crap laying around since I lost my F250. The Toyota just can't handle it. Have to make the place look presentable to put it on the market come spring. I just hope we only need to do it once.

Run - Good for you, Crash. I'm sure you have learned well. Some of mine has come from the edges, when mine hit and those of others don't. Having AA hold up doesn't hurt either. I still suck at the Stud-type games, and opt to play about 10% of my hands in those.

joxum said...

still sounds like a winning strategy to me, though.