Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We'll call it "rugged"

The phone rings and DW picks it up. Sometimes we don't. we are folks with few bothers for good reason, I suppose. I am eating breakfast in front of the TV, but I've forgotten to turn it on, instead listening for clues. DW strategically reminds someone of her first name. OK, someone we don't know very well. Or maybe one of those people I know who call and ask for me without acknowledging the person who answered the phone. Mostly men. She gives directions. Someone is coming by.

Last Thursday I suggested that a woman I know come out to avail herself of remaining tomatoes. Although I made the offer for earlier days than today, it might be her, her "we'll see" made firm, albeit tardy. In that we have marginal business connections, I think to make myself presentable, no shower or shave for a few.

Is this a problem for you, gentle reader? I assure you the scruff is the worse of it. I am otherwise tolerable at a distance of two feet, the social boundary. If I saw more than two people a day, it would be different. For instance, if I were in Las Vegas, I wouldn't be the guy at the table who smells like ass. I don't smell like it now. Clean enough, just not showered, okay?

But then DW gives directions coming from the east, up the Canyon, and I know it is the fishing guide. DW had made offers of literature and vegetables, and he is coming to collect.

No clean-up necessary.

Better get to pickin'.


Crash said...

Well, you could at least splash on a little Florida Water.

Memphis MOJO said...

"people I know who call and ask for me without acknowledging the person who answered the phone. Mostly men."

Wonder why they do that? A little courtesy goes a long way.

Rugged, huh? Guess I'm pretty rugged on most Sundays.

Crash said...

Since Florida Water is now part of these comments, I thought I would google it.

Maybe explains your previous mysterious comment on it. From the url, looks like MOJO should get some.

TenMile said...

I wouldn't get too clean if you're out pickin' in the weeds and vines. Teh insects like them virgin smells and waifs of essence.

Two, three days sounds about right. Besides, if it is the guide, they like being clean and clients two, three days from clean are about look down right.

Least wise, that's what the AK guides used to tell me.

bastinptc said...

The Guide, on his way to a meeting, was clean-shaven, yet curiously unbuttoned from neck to mid-torso. Ten minutes turned to an hour and a half, don't you know. Fodder a la TM.

As to the level of cleanliness I require, it seems I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. I will dab a little Pinaud. I cannot remember if it was Iggy Pop or Billy Bob Thorton in Jim Jarmusch's film, "Dead Man" who said, "I clean up real good." (BTW, a must-see.)

Memphis MOJO said...

GL with the interview.