Saturday, October 31, 2009

Field Update

One of two loads of Kubocha Winter Squash

The Mexican Roja garlic is fully cured and ready for storage.


TenMile said...

That's been a hell of a garden, Patrick.

Memphis MOJO said...

Your camera does a terrific job of picking up detail. Very crisp.

Wolynski said...

You grow all this yourself? Very impressive. Farming and poker is such an interesting combination.

bastinptc said...

It has been a good garden. Going out to pick the remaining peppers today. I may try to get fancy with photo of them.

W - We've scaled back quite a bit this last year. If you know anyone tired of the desert looking for a nice 14-acre turn-key operation, let me know.

joxum said...

I wish I could pick up the deed myself!