Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excuse (me)

One minute I can remember proper placement of an adverb, and forget about the same rule two sentences later. It comes down to a lack of sufficient rigor, a lapse in mindfulness, or just happy to be here. I could blame it on foreign language classes, the same way I defend my run-ons, the victim of reading too many translations from the German. More caught up in the moment, oblivious to what casual disregard does to others, and therefore perceptions. Some days, I don’t really care.

It doesn’t mean I care less for my gentle readers. Really. Of course, what value has my plea for mercy from those abused?

Home games can suffer the same. Familiarity and conviviality.

I have K3s in middle position. I limp with a host of others. The flop comes A3J rainbow and Mike bets out from EP, I choose to fold and Santa calls. The turn is another 3, lucky me. Mike bets again and Santa 3-bets. Phil says, “Looks like a desperation bet to me.” Santa gives him the Stink Eye. Mike calls.

The river is a Q. Mike checks and Santa throws out the same amount, $20. Thinking Mike has folded, R says something about the hand. Santa goes ballistic, mucks his hand, cashes out and heads for the door. (Had I called the flop, all of this could have been prevented.)

Not liking the Phill will that is now in the air, I suggest to Phil and R that they go apologize to Santa. Being men, they decline. Phil’s reasoning is that the same has been done to him on numerous occasions. Santa drives away and R’s girlfriend suggests he write Santa a nice email. No response.

A discussion ensues and after some speculation/rationalization about Santa’s mood in general, some resolve is made. The casino doesn’t allow it, and we shouldn’t either.

Things are a bit quieter at the table thereafter. I’m thinking about going home or some such thing that takes my attention away from the hand I am not in. I look up to see a sizable pot with three people in the hand. R’s girlfriend bets out $3.

“That’s a mighty small bet for such a big pot.”


“I can’t believe I just said that.” I beg forgiveness. R’s girlfriend readily gives it after the other two players fold. The men don’t miss an opportunity to give me immense amounts of shit.


Ten Mile said...

Golly, a home game and you were not even in the hand.

Your bunch must take the game serious.

Memphis MOJO said...

I was going to say they take the game serious, but TM beat me to it!

bastinptc said...

Santa was on a bluff (obvious after the fact).

So, what you're saying, guys, is that it's no big deal?

That just leaves the matter of adverbs...

Memphis MOJO said...

Off topic. Do you play the Poker Stars double or nothing games anymore?

My ex-wife plays them, and she says they toughened up. Players have learned not to play too aggressivly early on. Maybe, it's just the small fish have been eaten, and the bigger fish and a few sharks are left.

bastinptc said...

MM - I played a few a couple weeks ago. I did notice that there was less all-in type crap early on. Instead of taking 20 mins or so, the tourneys lasted 1/2 hour. Still, one good double-up at any point and there's not a real problem holding out.

Forrest Gump said...

I found the DON's toughened up and gave them the flick. I kept finding myself under 10BB still with a full table and we'd all just open shove with any ace or pair.

As for the home game, it is a big deal if the $ means something to someone. If you were playing for matchsticks, would the outcome be the same?

Anonymous said...

I found omaha high low regular sng's great value for the money.

They take forever to finish and you are never too much of a dog when you push.