Thursday, March 18, 2010

Short List

With my trip to Vegas four days from now, the anticipation is palpable, but not too palpable, if you catch my drift. In fact, because of the latter, I anticipate a more sedate five days than in the past.

Still, I am going there to play some poker and, by golly, poker I will play... just not 15 hour days at the tables. The marathon sessions themselves seem to exact a toll on the aging physiology. No, instead of sitting all day, I plan to take some walks and take some photos. Yet, it will be on those walks that I find a poker room to hit, and with this is mind, I have done a small amount of research to find destinations where I stand the best chance to come home Saturday having fully paid for my trip.

Here's my short list:

Hard Rock
Bill's Gambling Hall - per Grump
Mandalay Bay
Excalibur - The only one I've been to before.
Treasure Island

Now, I know that I cannot hit all of these places in five short days. Yet, some are situated close enough to each other that I may be able to spend a couple hours at one and move onto the next if the first one isn't doing it for me. Just in case, though, I have shortened the list a bit more:

Treasure Island

Of course, I am aware that a few of my readers are residents of Las Vegas, or have spent considerably more time in that fare (sic) city, and may have other ideas.  If so, I'd appreciate your input. I will say that it is my impression that with the NCAA playoffs in full swing, there will be some easy pickings from young men more intent on watching the game on the monitors than what is happening with their $100 on the felt, and I would like to take advantage of that.

BTW, if I haven't mentioned it before,  my laptop and camera are going with me, so expect some late night/early morning, inebriated/exhausted postings.


Crash said...

If you want to make a short detour, I heard the Gold Strike in Tunica is very soft.

Crash said...

Bally's is close to Harrah's and was
recommended to me by a Vegas denizen. Has nlhe 1/2 and 3/6. Play can get loose. See info and reviews here:

Wolynski said...

Yes, Bally's is good. Planet Hollywood can be soft.

Don't like Stratosphere or Sahara - at the north end of the Strip and not worth the trip.

Should check out Aria's new poker room.

Look, most of the poker rooms are good - depends on your preference.

Dave G said...

I've heard the Imperial Palace is a good place also, I'm sure the PokerGrump will confirm this for you.

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not sure which ones are the best, but just wanted to comment to wish you GL.

Memphis MOJO said...

Oh, and by all means try the Gold Strike in Tunica. I've heard they have some nitty old men you whom can run over.

bastinptc said...

OK, I've changed my short list. Bally's is in; the rest is a secret. ;-)