Thursday, February 5, 2009

3K hits

It's taken a while, about 7 months of writing this blog and 222 posts. Thank you for reading.

When I crossed the 1,000 hits mark, I wrote a post about some of the google searches that people had done that led them to my blog. Lately I have been getting hits from Stars players who have googled their nick. That's one way to add readership: name drop. Today someone googled "fucking calling stations." No coincidence there. My blog must have shown up 25 times!

I still have a sense of humor... or maybe it's irony. I've never been able to distinguish between the two.

Again, Dear Readers, thanks for your continued support.


James said...

You are so googlable. I even found Bona Fide Farms.

People are talking about your current poker funk at pao. Listen to your friends who have commented here. Slow down. You shot to 40k pax like a rocket compared to normal poker skill progress. Unless you are like on TV!

If you have lost your poker passion, you do have many good subjects to blog.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on 3000! Always a good read, for sure.