Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doesn't merit a title

All of that positive, feel-good stuff about poker at the end of the last post I wrote…forget it. Another night of one-outers and pots with odds no one should call. I think this would be a good time to take a break. So, prepare yourselves, dear readers for no poker content for a bit. We’ll see how good I am at maintaining a hiatus. And if it turns out that I can’t stay away, prepare yourselves for more tales from the micro-minis.


El Forrest Gumpo said...

Bottom line is B, this should be enjoyable - it's a hobby mate. I think you need to find a game/level where you feel comfortable and the beats don't hurt. There's some serious variance in full ring PLO - maybe there's another game?

I'm actually loving the $2 HU games. You're always in the action (obv.) playing lots of hands, getting good reads, picking up tendencies and betting patterns and practising your post flop play. And based on how you carved me up in those PAO HU games, I think you'd find them easy.
And it's only 2 bucks a throw...


Memphis MOJO said...

" I think you need to find a game/level where you feel comfortable and the beats don't hurt."

I'm guessing it's not just the money -- it bruises ones ego to see donks do terrible things that work while you play "properly" and lose.

bastinptc said...

Thanks for the comments, friends. It is a little of both money and "ego". The bottom line, I suppose, is that I'm not having fun.

I've never had a hobby, aside from fishing. Instead, I have passions. (Fishing was my brother's passion.) When I read a book, I do so to the exclusion of almost everything else. I want to find out what happens, how the story ends. Books have a finite number of pages; poker doesn't. A novel ends with resolve; poker presents new challenges at every turn. I remain engaged in the drama.

Add to this an "ego" component. I want to excel, to get it right. When the results don't match the level I think I've achieved, well, yes, it hurts my fragile little self-image.

You may be correct, Gumpo. Dropping down to a level where the swings don't hurt as much may be one answer. Yet, in that I have so much of myself invested in this game — and the time involved is substantial — I'd like to be realizing a better return than 25 cents here and there.

It's a dilemma.

Cardgrrl said...

I've written and thought a lot about the poker dilemma: caring and not caring. Wanting to win and not worrying about losing. Playing at stakes that matter to you, but not at stakes that break you (or your heart).

My takeaway remains the fundamentally useless truism: it's all about your attitude. Which, of course, is the single hardest thing to manage.

Anonymous said...


we all are in the same boat, the good ship variance

i will talk about myself since it's a subject i know about and if you find it illuminating then we both win.

I hate it when i lose. Despise losing more than i like winning. So i am hunting through poker stars for games that are soft. I could put more money into my bankroll, but pfffft that.

So, stan told me about horse. About how soft it is, soft and plush: it aint soft for me.

So i went into razz. Broke even at the micros. Played limit holdem: High variance. Omaha: i rarely know where i am in a hand.

Am now playing stud hi lo: crushing it.
Who knows how long i'll be crushing it for.

I am always asking myself, "what's my advantage? Where is my money coming from? Who's the fish?"

We both are recreational players. Maybe one day I or you might be more than that. But, let's face it. Today, we dont play high enough.

Anonymous said...

better name for the ship we all travel on: the good ship "Up And Down"

bastinptc said...

The good ship "Perpetual Salvage"

Anonymous said...

my ship's name has good anglosaxon plain spokenness.

The name of yours smells of norman cologne.