Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pot Hole

If you don't repair it, it'll only get bigger. Hub caps fly, and a good radial tire can be ruined .

So yeah, you might have guessed that this candle had its wick trimmed. Burning too bright and all that...

I'm not going to bore you with the bad beats, suck outs and inevitable crying calls. Gumpo was railbirding, and he says it best. First he sent me an email complimenting me on my position and patience against a couple lagtards. Actually, I had been fortunate a couple times during the evening to be positioned so. Problem is, they were hitting against any and all comers, or blowing through wads of cash while I sit and watched, waiting for the premium hand so I could replenish their stack.

I woke up this morning to this second email from Mr. Gump:

"Here's something I've noticed mate, don't know if its the same for you.

Sometimes I play a long session where I have a great table, great position, everything looks good but I'm just not getting the cards. So I hang in there forever slowly leaking chips and gradually get frustrated and my A game drops to B or worse. Then there's this little voice nagging in my head which says 'time to go, it's not your night. You know how it's going to end. Save a buyin and leave now'. Then I tell the voice to piss off cos I have a great seat against some donks and I figure just a little bit longer - one more round... Then I get coolered or make a crying call and dust off a stack. This has happened to me so many times it's not funny.

I hope your luck turned around on that table!"

It didn't.

I suppose it happens to everyone. You lose two weeks of earnings in two days. It always seems to disappear faster than it accumulates. The soft spots at the table seem to control the not-so RNG. You begin to doubt your ability and question why you even bother with the game. I becomes you.

It may very well be the case that I am too emotional for this game. Or, I have yet to become numb to the inevitable variance. But I have to tell you, the swings, whether caused by internal or external factors, take a toll. I laid in bed last night wondering if I would have readers for this blog if I never mentioned poker again.

And now it is morning. Most of the pain is behind me, which may or may not be a good thing, for I know, as sure as God made little green apples, I'll be back at it tonight.


Crash said...

Never trust a puddle.

El Forrest Gumpo said...

poker analogy? ;)

Memphis MOJO said...

Is a pot hole like a bump in the road?

Anonymous said...

post your hands in poker academy
ask for opinions

work on the math

run them through the calculator
not with a sorry me I'm so unlucky goal but with a tough minded analysis of when you need to stack off and be a happy warrior

Was reading a zeejustin article on the difference between "logical" players and "feel" players. Cliffnotes: Loki is logical you are feel. Stan is logical but Boom is feel.

I would say I am in between "logical" and "feel." Of course, it is a gradient.

The solution is not, well I am this or that. But what skills do I need.

Here's to long hours of hard, beastly hard work.


I wonder if you wouldnt be better served by spending even fewer hours in poker and more hours developing your art world contacts or whatever else might be more satisfying than this absurd gambling.

So, there, it's a shame i went pax busto. You guys needed me in granite. But I needed to go broke.