Thursday, March 26, 2009

More seeds

We received a small order of seeds today from Seeds of Change, a company that specializes in organic, heirloom seeds. I will write about the different plants, at least the more interesting ones, as I plant them. Yet, out of the packs we received today, I planted two, an Italian eggplant called Rosa Bianca, and a sweet pepper that is known as Jimmy Nardelo. Both are heirloom plants.
Item Photo
Rosa Bianca

Next to the Kamo eggplants I started yesterday, the Rosa Bianca is our second favorite, and it is the first variety we planted when we started this adventure. I was looking for an eggplant that wasn't big, airy and purple like what one usually finds in grocery stores, and I found this little beauty. Perhaps not surprisingly, Rosa Biancas are also a more compact fruit like the Kamo, albeit slightly larget and more oblong. They fry up real nice. I planted 72 seeds.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Jimmy Nardelo sweet pepper:
Item Photo

These skinny little numbers (7" to 9" long) are delightful, and I hope that I can convince plant buyers that they should have several of these plants in their garden. Our restaurant clients bought the peppers from us ten or fifteen pounds at a time. They are versatile, have few seeds and grill up real nice. I planted 98 seeds.

One of the advantages of the particular plant sale we are growing for is that our client will want us on the premises during the sale. They should be forewarned that I have over twenty years of advertising experience. Come in for three plants, leave with seven, and feel good about it.


joxum said...

What other peppers are you going to plant?

I just planted a measly 30 seed myself: Sweet Banana, Hollyday Cheer, Yello Cheese Piemento and a single Bhut Jokolia, that was stowed away in a bag from yesteryear.


bastinptc said...

@joxum - We will plant two more varieties, Cal Wonders, which are the standard supermarket green bell pepper, and jalepenos.

Crash said...

Such colorful foods. Getting hungry! See