Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road trip

My initial intention was to take some photos of oak savanahs in our area, as the moss that grows on these trees makes for some interesting coloration right after it rains and while it is still overcast. Yet, the sun came out and my plans changed. Instead I took a trip to a local fish hatchery to pay homage to the mighty Steelhead Trout.

Our area has quite a few covered bridges. Every year, our town has a festival highlighting these bridges and people tour around to see them. This one is Shimanek Bridge andgoes over a pretty little stream called Thomas Creek.

This is Larwood Bridge, one I had never seen before yet is on Fish Hatchery Road.

Immediately across Larwood Bridge is a nice little county park, which would be a perfect spot for a picnic with DW. The river is called Roaring River.

An old mill alongside Roaring River. Note the irrigation pipe. The pump house for it is behind the mill.

I have arrived at my destination. Here's a primer for you non-fisher types. The fish are raised in large concrete tanks, pictures of which I neglected to take as I was more excited to see the fish.

Baby Steelhead Trout, approximately eight inches long.

Somewhat larger Steelies. These are about fifteen inches long.

Mongo Steelies... the size we are looking for, and pound-for-pound, the best sport fish in the the lower 48 states.


El Forrest Gumpo said...

Are they a good eating fish or more popular for putting up a fight?

Crash said...

Covered bridges...aaahhhh.....
One of my DW's 5 sisters has a horse farm in New Hampshire. Many covered bridges there.

The fish, of course, are not for me.

bastinptc said...

FG, think salmon.

Crash, think pretty.

El Forrest Gumpo said...

Good eating too huh. If you're ever down under, I think the Barra's might be right up your alley. This in particular:

"When hooked on a lure, the barramundi will often clear itself from the water several times throughout the battle and make long powerful runs."


Memphis MOJO said...

Thank you for the photos, nice trip!