Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Hero


Crash said...

I liked the blues aspect of it, so I went to Youtube and saw some of his others that were even more bluesy. One had him with a bottle-neck slide on the guitar. His harp play was great. The videos that were less bluesy, more advanced, were not for me.

Then I read the article on him in Wikipedia and found reasons other than music for him being your hero. It also said he tried to model his singing voice after Chester Burnett, also known as....I'll bet you know.

I think you use a Mac. So do I. How did you get the video from YouTube into your blog?

bastinptc said...

On YouTube there is a box on many videos that are labeled "embed". One adds this "link" into the html of the blog in the same manner one adds hand conversions.

bastinptc said...

*is* labeled

Memphis MOJO said...

Is this the band you used to play in?

bastinptc said...

In my dreams. Music has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. It would perhaps make sense that I would have been in a band at some point, but unless one counts a short stint in seventh grade a friend's basement, my tamborine and a microphone as I sang "Paint It Black" by the Stones, I have not had the pleasure. However, I do a mean air guitar.

Beefheart broke a lot of musical ground, perhaps making way for bands such as Pere Ubu (Yes, I know, ubu roi. It starts to all come together, n'est pas?) I have often said that he does the blues, but he uses the spaces between the notes as his stepping off point, whatever that means.

There is a documentary of his life on YouTube.

Crash said...

I just love the old blues. I wonder if MOJO is related to Memphis Minnie?

When I was YouTubing Captain Beefheart, the chain led to some cool Frank Zappa videos. Isn't it strange how nobody ever saw Zappa and Leon Redbone together?

Forrest Gump said...

Love that stuff B, I've heard the name but not his music before. Will need to investigate. :)

He reminds me a little of a new aussie group called the Mess Hall. Very raw, lots of space and a groove that makes even this white boy want to dance.