Thursday, March 19, 2009

Out and About

I had some time on my hands today.

Talk about black and white... That's my riggette. I saw the guy who owned the big F350 get out of his compensatory gesture and I said, "You're making my truck feel bad."

Just for Crash, an old Minneapolis Moline tractor. I was not familiar with this brand.


El Forrest Gumpo said...

That truck could probably drive over my wee Honda and not leave a scratch.

Crash said...

Re truck pic-
1. My DW doesn't laugh much, but that pic had her going real good! That photo demonstrates your artist's eye. I wonder how many times my eyes have seen similar photo opportunities without it registering on my brain.
2. What camera do you use?

Re Mpls. Moline tractor pic-
1. I live about 5 minutes west of their old headquarters. It ended poorly, with White Motors buying them and closing up shop and somehow stiffing the workers on their pensions.
2. The 'Moline' refers to Moline, Illinois.
3. The link you included says the colors are Prairie Gold and Cherry Red. Even when new, they always looked like they were covered in dust.
4. The ones I remember were older, with the flat-sided fenders.
5. Old tractors are works of art, with their shapes and paint jobs. Pictures of them are, dare I say 'fine art,' bastin?

bastinptc said...

Crash, I use a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS.

I like old tractors as well. I always head to the antique tractor displays at fairs. Not fond of the color scheme for the MM. Always been partial to JD's green and yellow, or Allis Chalmers red. I love my Kubota, yet I wish it wasn't orange. Prairie Gold = Baby shit yellow.

We have a early '60s Ford. I'll get a shot soon.

Crash said...

Ford, Fordson, and Ferguson tractors--there is a confusing history about that naming. Memory fails me, but the confusion started when Henry developed what he wanted to call the Ford tractor, but someone else already had control of that name for a tractor.

Colors-Did you know that Kodak has patented the yellow used on its film boxes? No one else can use that color commercially.

Crash said...

A final tractor item. Clears up the naming confusion: