Saturday, March 28, 2009

The week in poker

Just because I have been posting here for several days about farm activities does not mean that I have not been playing poker. The truth of the matter is that I have been tempted many times to rail about the one and two-outers that I have endured time and again, once three times within a span of ten hands. I would have written that I was done with PLO for a while and bemoaned the fact that my bankroll had suffered a hit to the tune of about 15%. Instead, I played on, recovered most of it, and lost another 15%. I’ve been drawn out on so many times this week that I’m beginning to think “rigged.” So, I know that it’s time to step back. Just say no to PLO. At least until I’ve reread Hwang. I must have missed something the first time.


Crash said...

1. According to Opinh Bombay, every new concept you learn from reading about poker, such as your Hwang material, can cost you $ until you fully learn how to handle it that concept.

If you did not underline Hwang the first time, be bad and do it when you reread it. Use a red ballpoint pen, not a yellow hilighter. Then reread the underlining.
When you reread the red underlining, put yellow hilights on the very last items to master. Then reread the hopefully few yellow areas. This all takes very little time after your intended rereading.

And on-the-job-training, of course, maybe concentrating on only one of your new concepts each session.

2. To quote another expert you know, Cardgrrl, after I had the temerity to advise her to add gear-shifting to ABC poker, she said that at the less-talented tables, the opponents would not even notice her gear-shifting. My point is, maybe your Hwang wisdom is just bouncing off the donks who still can get lucky and beat you. This relates to the Crash philosophy of what is needed to win at poker: Luck, SEVERAL TYPES of skill, and chutzpah. Luck should even out in time, but also from Cardgrrl, that can be a very long time.

Above all, just have fun. If you are really trying to make spendable money at it..............

Anonymous said...

Recently when I get beaten down in PLO, I've been switching to Omaha Hi/Lo (O8) for a change of pace. Play the limit version for a while until you get the hang out it and then you can switch to pot-limit.