Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The rare bluff

It's a lot harder to bluff in PLO than in NLHE. In the micros, it's hard to bluff no matter what the game. One has to know one's opponent. Are they capable of folding what is a stronger hand (big pairs, TPTK in HE; top two pair or top set in PLO. The opponent in this hand has already demonstrated that he is a knowledgeable player, and smart enough to know when he's beat.

PokerStars Pot-Limit Omaha, $0.10 BB (8 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

MP1 ($12.75)
MP2 ($11.45)
CO ($7.45)
Button ($10)
SB ($4.85)
BB ($7.35)
Hero (UTG) ($19.30)
UTG+1 ($19.75)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with 5, 5, 7, 6

Hero calls $0.10, UTG+1 calls $0.10, MP1 bets $0.55, 5 folds, Hero calls $0.45, 1 fold

Flop: ($1.35) 7, A, 9 (2 players)

Hero checks, MP1 bets $1.30, Hero calls $1.30

Turn: ($3.95) Q (2 players)

Hero checks, MP1 checks

River: ($3.95) 4 (2 players)

Hero bets $3.80, 1 fold

Total pot: $3.95 | Rake: $0.15


Hero didn't show 5, 5, 7, 6 (nothing).

Outcome: Hero won $3.80


Crash said...

In nlhe, generally, one can play 20%-30% of starting hands. What is reasonable in PLO?

bastinptc said...

I find 30% comfortable. When I stray up toward 40%, it's time to assess.

El Forrest Gumpo said...

Call me a broken record, but for me bluffing in position is up there with knowing your opponent. The more I play, the more I see how position really is everything.