Friday, January 22, 2010

Better than coffee


Anonymous said...

I'm not disagreeing with your choice.
India is a good, technically proficient singer. But she always seems to me like being too concerned with singing well as opposed to expressing a tragic truth.

And it's because I have in my head her predecessor La Lupe. Who made salsa sound like greek tragedy.

In this one La Lupe asks her lover what was ti that she ever asked in return of her love but understanding.

Was her histrionism a bit comical, perhaps, other people's pain can be hilarious.

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bastinptc said...

Aki - I did a quick tour of her music on YouTube. To be honest, I had heard of her but can't say I had heard her. Was she eclipsed by Celia somehow, or is it more that those outside of the culture were exposed to Cruz and not La Lupe?

La India, it would seem, is better in the studio than live, but it is Palmieri that makes this special.

Anonymous said...

celia was the consumate professional, think Louis Armstrong.

Lupe was damaged goods, think charlie parker.