Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week Two of Picturing the Body

I put the word out today that I need a model to pose nude. Sheesh.

The “word out” consisted of an email to the woman who runs a gallery in Salem. She knows everyone, or so it seems, and it is my hope she knows a model or knows someone who knows a model of either gender. I also put a little ditty on the social media site, not so much to find a model but to make fun of me having to find one out here in the middle of nowhere. “Without the town tongues waggin’” is how I phrased it.

DW suggested a Barbie doll, that after refusing without me having to ask. I wasn’t going to anyway, not with the way my mind works. Nothing kinky, mind you (like a Barbie doll), but I’d prefer to not add to the plethora of svelte poses in the woods, on a glen, in a waterfall, or, for that matter, among clean white sheets. I believe there will be a risk of hypothermia, so my model should be of a strong constitution and flexible will.

It’s not an easy matter, photographing strangers. Not for me, anyway, a poor multi-tasker. Yet, I will not make the same mistakes/oversights I did in the last assignment. In fact, I’ve been scouting locations, taking photographs of the area, looking at potential lighting issues (this week’s assignment), learning my camera, all in preparation for a clearer focus on the matter at hand.

If you read the comments section of my blog, you will have seen the comments made by jw, the gentleman teaching the photog class. He was very kind:

Great subject and I'd love to hear more about her. You make me want to go see where she lives (her personal environment) and meet the characters from her brief story.

If you choose to follow it up it'll interesting to see how your camera relationship evolves.

So, I went back to the liquor store and had a chat with K. It seems that her “personal environment” includes a long-haul truck driver who, were a session to happen, could not find out. No thanks. Sticks and stones.


Crash said...

I would like to volunteer MOJO as a subject.

TenMile said...

You must be a clean cut trustworthy individual, bastin. She didn't turn you down, you know.

Memphis MOJO said...

I would like to volunteer MOJO as a subject.

Can cameras laugh? Can they say "ewww"?

Anonymous said...


lol nudeaments


Anonymous said...


when is a nude not a nude?


Dad/Geoff said...

There is a joke in this somewhere.

But I'm afraid of it.