Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eyes on the road and


Crash said...

Now that was fun. Never heard your voice before. I thought it would be more gruff, growly, tobaccoed.

The following was nowhere near your point, but:
I was on a consulting project in rural South Carolina, Sumter, 1976. Our motel was 1/2 hour, rural road, from the furniture factory we were working in. Very hot and damp down there. We did a bit of gambling: We bet each other predicting the number of dead animals counted on the way to work each morning. The winner was usually in the 20's. Not very nice.

bastinptc said...

I had already warmed up by singing along with 1/4 of The Beatles' "White Album."

I have an uncle who collects roadkill to feed to his cats. Not very nice, but colorful.

Crash said...

YUCK! Well, it is natural.
Remembered I did hear your voice before in the "Peaches" video. But then you had special meds and were very relaxed, so to speak. Your two voices were very, very different.

joxum said...

Very nice poem, there. Very nice!


bastinptc said...

Thanks J. It means a lot coming from a pro.