Saturday, January 2, 2010

The way it works

I’m looking to open my heart a bit more, right? It’s easy when I already like someone, right?

I’m at the store to buy a single rose for a photo shoot. No, I ain’t going soft(er). I’ve got this art thing I have to do, and I’m almost done, except I keep thinking that I’m not almost done, that I can add a few elements to the “package” that will make folks want the thing, this thing for charity, charity being part and parcel of this opening the heart exercise. That is, if I was doing it solely as a charitable offering. No, I want the exposure too, so nix the notion.

So, while facing the hypocrisy embedded in my good act, I run across a person whom I mentioned somewhere in this blog before. A nice person, an extrovert of the highest caliber, who talks. She has a big heart, and if I remember correctly, she likes J3 offsuit. So, you see the problem.

Anyway, she knows about the ticker, and funny thing, Thumper is trying to escape at that very moment. She relates her own story, similar to mine, yet with much more detail, which she then ties in to some metaphysics regarding semi-precious stones, rose quartz in particular, and how she is conversant with spirits. She says she will pray for me.

And just like that, Thumper settles down.

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TenMile said...

Pretty smart Thumper, there.

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