Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two eggs this morning. Three eggs yesterday. Two the day before and one before that. A lot for the old gals. Omelets this evening, I imagine.

Still, the cost of feed for the birds doesn’t justify keeping them. There’s been discussion, both here at home and the feed store. Home: culling. Store: price.

The folks at the counter expect it from me, the complaints. The young woman, sweet as she is, now just smiles. The older one, the one who looks like an aging hippie, has opinions. Someone’s.

“So what else is new? I’m complaining about the price. It’s gone up 75% in four years. Last year it was blamed on the price of corn, food going to ethanol; but corn prices are in the toilet now and we’re paying a dollar more a bag than we did two months ago. I know the store isn’t getting rich on the feed. And the farmers aren’t either. I wonder who is.”

“The government.” Yep, she said, “The government.”

“How do you figure the government is getting rich offa corn?”

“Well, they’re spending money they don’t have.”

Where to begin?


TenMile said...

Which might, just might, be, partially, why the government feels justified in spending money it doesn't have

bastinptc said...

Don't get me wrong: pockets get lined one way or another. Just not our pockets. Fleeced, yes, but not in a manner that keeps digits warm.

Maybe I'll get a fox.

Crash said...

You ain't no vegan!

bastinptc said...

Crash - No, I ain't. In fact, I've recently heard of a product called "bacon salt." I just might have to get me some cuz I sho do loves me some bacon.

Crash said...

1. Just read somewhere that you cannot raise the water level of a swimming pool by taking water out of one end and pouring it into the other end.

2. bastin-think of bacon salt on bisquits and grave-I mean gravy...mmmm.

3. If I were to go back to meat, the first things I would get would be bacon and White Castles. One time, I ate 18 White Castles at one sitting.

bastinptc said...

Even I draw the line at Sliders.

Crash said...

Hey, they are top-quality meat. Taste great. And are an efficiency expert's dream:
square shape=cheaper shipping, less air than between circles.
holes in patty=grease bubbles up eliminating the need to flip patty.
Bun on top during grilling steams it and helps cook the unflipped patty.
Stainless steel decor.