Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since we're on the subject

I did some video and photo works back in the late nineties that have come to the front of my mind the last couple weeks. The recalling is not surprising in that they involved the human form in one way or another.

The originals are somewhat longer than the below edited-for-YouTube versions, yet the spirit remains. You might want to have the kids leave the room.

On the advice of friends and DW, the videos have been deleted. Seems that naked is naked is naked somethimes. You will be able to find them on my website tomorrow. > More Videos. 


joxum said...

Surprised that last vid hasn't been yanked from Youtube already, and your account hasn't been terminated indefinately :-D


Anonymous said...

you should put it in a different place

people compplain about things like dicks and pubes


bastinptc said...

I'll be moving them to my website this evening and upload them overnight. In the meantime, eh.