Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm in, and in between

I signed up for the WBCOOP and received notice fifteen minutes ago that I've got a ticket to ride. I'm going to blog as long as I last, or as long as I play, and believe me, there's a distinction. DW is out grocery shopping at COSTCO, which means there will be several boxes to help bring into the house about an hour into the tourney, and then the ducks will have to put in the coop for the night about 34 hours into the tourney. If I make beyond to either point, I'll have to sit out for a bit. If I make it three hours, that sit-out can be critical. But I'm juggling, and I do have a semblance of  priorities remaining in my conscience. GL to all of those who I read and who read me.

One minute before we start. 1688 runners. It will be interesting to see how many sit out because they're stuck in traffic.

Tard opens with A6o and is out to pocket 8s. Guy to my left has doubled. Great.

2:05 - A6c on Button. Flop the nuts. Little bet with four players and no takers.

2:09 - UTG raises 3 x BB. I call with TT from MP, as does CO. SB 3-bets pot. I am only caller. Tc3h3c on flop. SB jams with AKc. River is Ts. Lucky me.

2:16 - Guy to my left has bled off half of his stack already. 2nd level. Patience, Grasshopper.

2:20 - Folks still registering. Up to 1731. Level 3.

2:27 - Idiot calls my TQs raise with T4o and hits two pair on turn. Down to 3K.

2:30 - CO steal goes south for 400.

2:36 - Get a little back when I call a raise from CO with AQo, A on the turn and I take it there.

2:44 - Sixes in the hole with the BB flop a boat. Big stack tags along for the ride but chickens out on the blank river, a 2.

Break. Table is a bit nuts. Calling station is taking pots with a pair. Folks are playing like blinds are 250/500 instead of 40/80. I guess it's to be expected, this being a freeroll. But where is your dignity, people!? I'm still hovering around 3K  and am the third lowest stack at my table, the bulk of the players with around 6K. At this moment, the chip leader of tourney is WesRoks of Chicago with 22,301. About to start again.

3:05 - 3-Bet a Button steal from the SB with AKc and get a fold. Miss a big hand while typing. LOL DW on her way home.

3:13 - Kissed DW. Small pot with 8s over 6s.

3:18  - Another small pot (blinds and antes) with 8s. "This is not a cash game! This is not a cash game!" is what I keep chanting as I fold suited connectors early.

3:22 - And as soon as I finish my chant, I get Qs in the BB, call an all in and dodge an A; then the big stack tries a hijack and I 3-bet from the SB with pocket tens. He folds. I'm above 7K.

3:34 - Doubled up from the Button when big stack at the table jammed my 3-bet. Me: KK; he: AK.

3:45 - Flopped a gutshot but didn't have the guts to see the river, despite tempting odds. Lost a grand. And a couple more in similar scenario the next hand. Tighten up time.

3:50 - And no sooner do I type that, within three hands I'm dealt AK. Once in SB and take down a sizable pot from UTG raiser. On Button with three limpers, I bet the pot. The guy from the previous hand is the BB and jams 6+K. He: AJ, and no help forthcoming. 21K.

Break. And I can use it.  We're down to 344 players out of 1740 runners. Barry from Springfield is in first with 57,159. I'm at 23rd.

4:09 - Big stack at the table just got bigger. Jamming with any Ace, apparently. Rivered a baby, one card flush against two pair.

4:13 - Only blogger I have recognized so far at my table is The Trooper, sitting immediately to my left with a small stack. Big stack just keeps growing when AQ beats JJ.

4:16 - Just took out The Trooper when I hit on a steal with odds on his all-in. At -25K. Joxum is cruising with 31.5K

4:20 - Boat brings me up to almost 30K through that calling station I mentioned earlier.

4:22 - Calling Station out with 8s against Qs.

4:25 - Big stack jammed with pocket fives. Oops! Not big stack any longer.

4:30 - Naked Ace steal goes south with a 3-bet.

4:40 - KJ does well against JJ. Up to 36.5K

4:44 - Huge mistep when I flop 2 pr. I bet the pot with two others in. Both call. Dead to a set and flush draw gets there.

4:45 - Just like that, my QQ against AK. out in 178th place.

Big fun.


joxum said...

Right behind ya!

/j. (currently on 15K)

Crash said...

Hey, you guys, nice going!

joxum said...

No sorry, Right ahead of you! (22K+)

got a little spooked when word verification said: Brast, whichs means "Broken" in danish... worked like a charm, I guess!


Crash said...

I'm on your rail, but they won't let me comment.

Crash said...

I've got you both up now. I see bastin is not having problems being aggressive!! Nice to get all those boats.

joxum said...

I'm still alive here, but hanging on for dear life...


BLAARGH! said...

nice work, sorry you didn't make it further... maybe I'll see you all later in the week!

Crash said...

Joxum, you are #90 of 170. Hit the afterburners!

Memphis MOJO said...

Hey guys, 7 p.m. break and I'm still in with 10K. Blinds are getting scary high though.

Look for Memphism0j0 where the 0s are zeros not ohs.

Crash said...

MOJO, no wonder I couldn't find you.

Memphis MOJO said...

"MOJO, no wonder I couldn't find you."

Yeah, for some reason it wouldn't let me sign up as MemphisMOJO, not sure why, so...

Memphis MOJO said...

An idiot just duubled me up by calling my all-in with A-X. My A-J suited held, whee...17+ chips.

Question: Just because you have a lot of chip$, does that mean you have to be the sheriff?

Crash said...

I saw that one, MOJO. You were the button. He must have put you on a bluff-steal.

Crash said...

gg joxum

bastinptc said...

Thanks for following/railing guys. Yeah, I'll try another one, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'll bee railing Mojo and joxum.

Memphis MOJO said...

In the money, time to move up and make a serious run (he says with fingers crossed).

Crash said...

joxum just left

joxum said...

yeah, shoved A4 into two short blinds. BB had me covered, all right:

Oh well, there's always another game, see you there!


joxum said...

Mojo's out in 73rd. Shute!


Crash said...

73 out of 1740. M0J0!!! Top 4%.

bastinptc said...

Congrats to both joxum and Mojo for getting the brass ring.

TheTrooper97 said...

Hey, that wasn't me earlier when you chatted, it was a friend. Didn't want you to think I ignored you.

bastinptc said...

NP Trooper. Maybe I'll see you at another of these things. GL.