Monday, September 21, 2009


Sufficiently attuned to that around me and in a certain mood, I set out in a familiar direction, north, with no destination yet in mind. As I approached an intersection, I recalled a spot I had passed on my way to and from two of my more favored field photos and made the required turns to the gravel.

I came home with two posts.

Reaching my destination, I meandered about, framing this and that. I had no intention of taking the above picture, and in fact did not do so until I returned in the process of leaving from some distance down a hill. I mean, who would care about such an image, a common sight?  Yet the amateur birder in me took note and was made curious. There was a piece of black cloth covering the opening from the inside.

Not covering it completely. There was a hole torn in the fabric. Mild apprehension did not prevent me from inserting a finger, just enough to see within. I touched plastic.

Some birdhouses are constructed in a manner so that they can be readily opened for annual cleaning. This one opened with a pivot up. I was a bit creeped out and thought Robert Duvall might be nearby. It may have had something to do with where I had found myself this day, primed as I was.

Nothing of the kind.

I dutifully logged my find, five days after the last visitor. I had no need for any of the contents nor felt an obligation to leave anything behind.

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Memphis MOJO said...

I do so much traveling that earlier this year I bought a Garmin. It talked about geocaching. This post confirms my concept of it.

Nice write-up and photos!