Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Flag Warning

We have a couple sizable wildfires burning about 150 miles to our south. Last night there was a bit of smoke on the horizon at sunset. Tonight there is considerably more.

The second photo is not much longer after the first. I had to do chores so the camera was put away. I would have liked to get a couple shots from the neighboring prairie to get some good horizon shots.

These kind of shots are extremely rich in color; yet when i compare the first (earlier) to the second, the deep reds of the second seem to pop more. So, I went back into a copy of the first and had some fun with it by increasing the saturation and adding some blue.


Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing photos. I prefer the middle one. Nice title, too. Good job.

Memphis MOJO said...

Here's another with nice oranges:

Click here.

I like yours better.

Crash said...

What to use use to tinker with your photos? Photoshop?

bastinptc said...

Thx guys. Yes, rudimentary PhotoShop.

bastinptc said...

There is a smattering of ash on all outdoors surfaces today. The wind has shifted slightly to the east, so the smoke is obscuring the Cascades.

Crash said...

bastin-If you follow Geoff's blog, you will see that he did a full entry about your previous mention of the Cascade Lane.