Thursday, September 3, 2009

Runnin' bad and talkin' shit

.05/.10 PLO last night initially was an unmitigated disaster, twice because I misplayed my Aces and middle set, twice with runner-runners crushing my set with a straight and my flopped nut straight with no possible better draws because I held them too killed by turn and river pairing the board. Down four buy-ins, I was just about to swear off the game forever when the monkey told me to try a new table. Long story short, got all but $10 back. Hooray for me.

Winning is fun, and, you know, one can never have too much fun:
DrNoPanties said, "i got it"
ragdog720: calls $2.10
DrNoPanties collected $6.10 from pot
bastinptc said, "no kidding?" (It should have been an easy laydown for rag.)
ragdog720 said, "you got it"
ragdog720 said, "i got flush a"
DrNoPanties said, "pot it"
DrNoPanties said, "i might fold"
ragdog720: folds
ragdog720 said, "may b"
DrNoPanties said, "khkd"
DrNoPanties said, "i swear"
ragdog720 said, "got proof"
Kaiser Sozo: checks 
bastinptc said, "what's with all the chit chat good Doctor?" (This player is typically quiet except to berate bad play. Is he toying with this player?)
DrNoPanties said, "illl email hand if u want"
ragdog720 said, "or is your word your bond"
DrNoPanties said, "he asked me if i had it bast"
DrNoPanties said, "so i told him"
bastinptc said, "that's a midwestern concept Rag" (Rag’s location shows “Alton." There is such a city on the Illinois side outside of St. Louis. I’m taking a stab.)
DrNoPanties said, "i made kings full"
DKM_OI_OI_OI said, "we know nobody would EVER lie at a poker table"
DrNoPanties said, "good laydown if u had flush"
ragdog720 said, "iyeh true ur the sort of guys i would like 2 go out with my sister honest and true 2 ur word"
bastinptc said, "I'm married, so thanks anyway"
ragdog720 said, "she dont care"
bastinptc said, "well then, whose honor is in question here?"
bastinptc said, "Maybe someone from Granite City would be interested" (Near Alton. Never been there but hunters used to come up to our land and trespass. Visualize a 77 y/o lady going out in the fields with a 12 gauge to chase them off. Town has a rep, that’s all I’m saying.)
ragdog720 said, "k 10 5 4" He times out with trip to aggression.
ragdog720 said, "shes lookin 4 love rich man may b not 5c 10c man though"
ragdog720 said, "shtt"
ragdog720: calls $3.75 and is all-in
DKM_OI_OI_OI showed [Qs 4s Qc Jh] and won ($11.30) with three of a kind, Queens
ragdog720 said, "more 2 life than money u have 2 find what ur all about first"
bastinptc said, "takin notes Georgi, you old calling station?" (Guy who played rags on my Aces at another table. I had just clocked him.)
bastinptc said, "no sh it, rag?"
bastinptc said, "you on a quest?"
ragdog720 said, "yeh quest like shrek"
bastinptc said, "What's your particular Holy Grail?"
ragdog720 said, "live life fast and easy"
bastinptc said, "That will get you to 30 y/o."
ragdog720 said, "be at peace with yourself and the world"
bastinptc said, "a worthy goal"
bastinptc said, "but you should care more for your sister"
ragdog720: raises $1.80 to $2.40
GeorgiSK leaves the table
bastinptc said, "could be your big hand, Rag"
bastinptc: raises $1.80 to $4.20
ragdog720: raises $1.70 to $5.90 and is all-in
bastinptc: calls $1.70
*** TURN *** [8s 8d Kc] [Tc]
*** RIVER *** [8s 8d Kc Tc] [2d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bastinptc: shows [2c Kh 6d Ks] (a full house, Kings full of Eights)
ragdog720: shows [Ad Qh 8c Ah] (three of a kind, Eights)
bastinptc collected $11.80 from pot


bastinptc said...

html still messed up. I get this: Something about HTML not accepted because Tag is meta content, name, title. When I try to past exact message here in comments, I get same warning. I wonder if there are actual people at Blogger? Maybe time to find out.

bastinptc said...

And it seems that I'm not the only one having problems. Advised to stand by.

Anonymous said...

nice to see you get out of the game some of the social interaction you like.


I open up another table and read blogs.


Crash said...

I mentioned before how your blog does not show updates available on my rss reader. Today, the 2 updates were there but now the icons will not go away, even though I have followed the links. This does not happen with any of the other blogs I read and only started about a week or so ago. Don't know if this relates to your html problems.

Memphis MOJO said...

My system is working ok. You were in my Google reader and nothing weird when I come here to read.

"more 2 life than money u have 2 find what ur all about first"

When people say stuff like this, you can almost guarantee he is losing.

DrNoPanties ??? WTF

Crash said...

After MOJO's rss comment, I erased my bastin feed and reestablished it. Works. Problem was mine. By the way, if you use safari or firefox for reading blog rss feeds, here is how I do it: On my bookmarks bar I created a folder called "RSS." Then, any blog or news source I want to follow, I go there and click on rss. When the feed comes up, I drag the url into that RSS folder. Thereafter, any blog changes, except comments, show up as numbers beside the folder on my bookmarks bar. Maybe everybody does that, but it sure is handy. Wish it did comments.

bastinptc said...

Aki - Yeah, I'm a veritable butterfly. Same guy could do no wrong last night, meaning he got it in bad several times and did quite well for himself. I am happy and hope to see him again real soon.

Hopefully Blogger will have fixed issues before I post again. R has a game tonight.