Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 15

The September Basho is over, and did not end without drama. Hakuho and Asashoryu, the two Yokozunas would meet. Asashoryu came into the final match with a 14-0 record for the basho; Hakuho stood at 13-1. I cannot say that I was happy to see the result of the first match, yet it was interesting to watch. Over so quickly, Hakuho was ready, Asashoryu not. The throw an afterthought. But now, both rikishi had 14-1 records, which necessitated a play-off.

I am grateful to the person who has uploaded this basho, especially for the full length of the play-off match. It shows the complete pre-match ritual, and all that sets the tone for what may transpire.

By the time the wrestlers entered the dohyo for the last time, I could see that Asashoryu had found his place. The furrow that he had in his brow during the ritual was gone. He was looking though Hakuho. DW came down into the dungeon just before the actual match. She chuckled when she heard Japanese coming from my speakers. I told her what had transpired in the first match and that the second was just about to begin. We watched it together and it was delightful. It was one helluva match, back and forth, and of a length few could endure, all which demonstrated just how powerful these two men are.

There will be those who criticize Asashoryu for his public celebration in the dohyo.

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