Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Searching for something

I'm not going to go looking for whatever else came up from the search, "i have $0.60 me and my friend but it together and have $8.20 how much did my friend have?"

This courtesy of an ask.com search that somehow brought someone from Georgia to this space. I will refrain from commentary.

Still my #1 hit from searches: Flowering plum trees.


Memphis MOJO said...

I read where a blogger had his most hits in one day when he included the words "Jessica Simpson's breasts" in his poker blog.

Maybe I need to try something like this.

How about: Jessica Simpson's breasts are like plums - nice and juicy.

Yes?? No??

Crash said...

MOJO: bastin would delete my answer, so I am going to have to leave you on your own. Say, has the camera lens in your photo grown?

bastin: Bush-hogging or brush-hogging. Still don't know the difference.

bastinptc said...

MM - While I would like to have more than 15 hits a day, I'd prefer them to be "earned," as it were, as opposed to lured (lurid).

Crash - I've heard it both ways, but like my grandpappy, I use a Bush Hog for bush-hogging.